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Three Father And Son Activities (2007)

1. Fishing.

2. Playing ball.

3. Going to prison.
The Adelphia Rigases have finally reported to prison-
To get those 15 and 20 year sentences over and done.


Three Things To Step On At Galveston Beach (2007)

1. Sand.

2. Shells.

3. Stingrays.
And with a spiny tail-
Pain comes immediately, without fail.


Three Ways To Win An Election (2007)

1. Be the best candidate.

2. Get the most votes.

3. Raise the most money.
Count the vote-
Backed by a green note.


Three Ways To Know That Something Is Flexible (2007)

1. It can bend.

2. It can twist.

3. It can quickly be changed.
The new battery that will be used one day-
Printed, cut, and convenient in every way.


Three Ways To Get Your High School Diploma (2007)

1. The typical way.

2. After taking GED classes.

3. In the military.
First signed up and hired-
Then the afterthought is inspired.


Three Ways To Have A Good Day (2007)

1. Smile.

2. Grin.

3. Initiate it yourself.
The only way to have a good day-
Is to personally ensure that it turns out that way.


Three Things That Are Misunderstood About Sharks (2007)

1. Their attacks are few.

2. With 400 species they are quite diverse.

3. They say that they’re not all just teeth.


But if you are the one getting bit- 11 more words