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Islamophobi-what? ("I'm not racist but")

“I don’t know who she’s fucking talking to, with that tent on her head”

“We’ve accepted blacks into this country, but I just can’t get along with… 504 more words

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Manic! At the Disc-presson

I’ve always thought I was bipolar. Anti-depressants never seem to be enough. And there would be times where I would be extremely happy – just because. 511 more words

Thoughts Out Loud.

The trouble with working when you're depressed.

Oh blog, I’m sorry. How I’ve been so neglectful and absent. If only you chimed for attention in the early hours – like my Kim Kardashian game does. 561 more words

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Thinking about how to bring this all together.


What is a leader?

Have been involved in teams/organisations where its values are always in alignment with my own. Leadership is important on all accounts in my books, and when things are not done professionally, and in a manner that is not in sync with its values, then questions need to be asked? 265 more words

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You only live once.

That is true and I agree with what that says… but there are two kinds of meanings behind YOLO.

I’ve noticed many people who say YOLO like to use that as an excuse to do certain things… stupid things. 99 more words

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As of Today

The inferiority of a bastard misbegotten, abandoned and walked away from … Absentee without a clue why. No knowledge of dreaded upon act that caused resentments unknown. 88 more words

Thoughts Out Loud