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Slavery - Not as historic as we thought

When we hear the term ‘Slavery’, we often think back to the 18th and 19th centuries, when it was the norm to have several black slaves to every white man. 338 more words


David's thought for the day 33.

Seriously. Where is my hoverboard? If I have to wait much longer, I am going to be over forty by the time I get one. Then again, I will not let that stop me from getting one. 11 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

Lazy Day

I bet all of us have those days where we just lay around doing nothing, until the night comes and we regret it. Well today I had one of these days and it sucked. 178 more words

A Girl's Day

I wonder what they are thinking?

I often times wonder what my students are thinking when they are working on something.  It is interesting for me to watch how they process information and make choices.   29 more words

Thoughts Of The Day....

David's thought of the day 32.

They say men cannot multi-task. I am listening to a podcast, writing this post and playing the 4th wing of Naxxramas on Hearthstone. In your face stereotypes. 

Thoughts Of The Day

Inclusion in the Art Room

With the monies I received from the Target Arts, Culture & Design in Schools Grant I purchased 5 iPads for my Art classroom to teach digital art.    139 more words

Thoughts Of The Day....

Grabbing Life by the Horns

Big dreams, ambitions, motivation and life.

Going back to school full time, working part time, managing debt and feeding my personal life. Sounds simple. Truth is, it can get overwhelming. 116 more words

Thoughts Of The Day