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Finding Sleep With Tired Progression

Expectation comforts with an authority built around good timing. That depends on the listener. Only the experts will take note but relating to everyone is the artistic turn. 646 more words


Scars and Ghost from the Past

Throughout our path on these long windy road of life, we’ve made so many choices in different level of urgency and significancy. Some are goods, some might bad; an over-think one, a spontaneous too. 907 more words


Are We Truly Idiots?

Being a ‘Natural Observer” has its share of chuckle-worthy moments. I cannot begin to count the number of people I have seen face crash when pushing on the pull door.  208 more words


Is one of those days that I tell everyone I am “good” when I am absolutely not.



Grace is not what we SAY before each meal but rather what we SEE through each meal…God’s provision. #DontJustSayGraceSeeIt
– M. Goodman -


The Golden Rule

“do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

A simple thought, yet so difficult to follow. I know because I am guilty of it.

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Thoughts, Concerns, and Worry

Worries are ideas you have that do not come of thought. Concerns are ideas you have that have come of thought.

Think about it. People can understand other people’s concerns, because thoughts can be reconstructed from “available information”.  15 more words