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What We All Desire

The Christian doctrine of suffering explains, I believe, a very curious fact about the world we live in. The settled happiness and security which we all desire, God withholds from us by the very nature of the world: but joy, pleasure, and merriment, He has scattered broadcast.

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Thought For The Day

“Why?” is the most useless question in the universe.
The only question with any meaning is “What?”
Asking “Why is this happening?” can only disempower you. 16 more words

Thought For The Day

If you don’t work for the opportunity and grab hold of it, happiness will not fall from the sky by itself.

- Just You (taiwanese movie)

Thought For The Day

Thought for the day.....

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 2nd day of September, 2014.

I always love the beginning of a new month.

The promise it brings. 103 more words

Thought For The Day

On head and heart

This is a controversial topic, one that may flutter a few feathers, and one that most of my counterparts north of the border will say I have no right to weigh in on. 1,320 more words