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Book Review: 'A Stronger Kinship' ~ 08.31.14

Sooo, I’ve only owned this book since 2010, but in light of recent events, this was probably the best time, if ever, to finally read this book. 373 more words


Ordinary people who learn to believe in themselves are capable of extraordinary acts, or better, of acts that seem extraordinary to us precisely because we have such an impoverished sense of the capabilities of ordinary people.

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Heavenly Buddy

The greatest dog, my buddy, my stallion, my double stuffed, just passed away yesterday. Oreo was his name. He was a mutt with the most present and aware eyes I had ever seen in a dog before. 199 more words


Reverse Culture Shock

This event took place almost 3 months ago but I haven’t had any chance to write it down until tonight so here goes.

Setting 1: Pintu akses ke mall Kota Kasablanka dari apartment Kota Kasablanka (Kokas) 422 more words


More than we know

There is no absolute reference point for an antheist to validate his self value. According to atheistic world view we are nothing but the product of accidental cosmic event, a finite being made up of materials, just another object with  neurological networks consiting of electrical signals and nothing more than a clock work. 326 more words


Worrying often costs us more opportunities than it creates. Don’t waste another valuable moment worried about valueless things.
– M. Goodman -



We may have different job descriptions, tasks and position but as long as we know how to maximize our time, enjoy and work effectively, i can say the you and i aren’t that different. 561 more words