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Printing Press-Read, Write, Think

This is a great resource for students to use.  It allows them to publish their writing in a variety of formats including newspapers and brochures.  I have included the directions I wrote for my students because I didn’t see clear directions about how to save their work in order to work on it at a later time. 18 more words



(圖文 Joy Life)

Coffee time ❤️☕️😊


Day Forty-One: Idol Factories

READ:  1 Kings 12:27-33 Focus on the sentence:  “This was blatant sin.”


(27) “As soon as these people resume worship at The Temple of God in Jerusalem, they’ll start thinking of Rehoboam king of Judah as their ruler.  1,327 more words


The Process

Marriage reaches the stage of boredom because most people marry someone that will make them happy, not someone they want to make happy. Life is so rough because most try to be tough, when all the great pleasures come being from being softer. 41 more words



Many sing let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.   Yet, many live in desperation – the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation – Thoreau.   64 more words


The Wise Teacher And The Jar

There was once a very wise teacher, whose words of wisdom students would come from far and wide to hear. One day as usual, many students began to gather in the teaching room. 593 more words