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On The Edge

On a pathway above the rocks and beach, large layers of erosion are clearly evident as depicted with these exposed tree roots so close to the trail’s edge. 384 more words


The things I should have told my therapist

I have a hard time asking for the things that I want or need. I feel guilty, like I’m being a burden or like I’m being annoying. 252 more words

Next Stop

Sometimes old memories rediscovered us. This one had found me in a dream and here I was, holding a plane ticket, pulling my carry-on through the terminal, imagining the beer that awaited me in the first bar I passed. 543 more words


Meditations and reflections: On Becoming a Person, by Carl Rogers

Got this at Half Price Books not a few moons back, set it aside in the dreaded no man’s land of the office bookshelf; picked it up a couple months ago and actually, you know, … 434 more words

Mental Health Industry

Dancing with Myself

A few weeks ago, I was at my favorite bar. It’s the kind of place where the booze is fairly cheap, the music on Saturday night is above average and the clientele NORMALLY consists of the same kind of weirdo that I have come to know and love in myself. 612 more words

Setting it right

What makes you so special, so important, that I should give all my power over to you? Who in the hell do I think you are? 197 more words

Military Related Civilian PTSD - Consider the Source

Military Related Civilian PTSD – Consider the Source. By Gary Hays

When a Veteran tragically loses their battle with PTSD, the devastating effects on certain individuals left behind to bear the burden of unjustified guilt can cause the deadly disease to spread from the deceased, to the living. 904 more words