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One man's theory about Harry Potter may ruin the series for you

While a popular series has come to an end, a lot of people can’t stop talking about Harry Potter.

J.K. Rowling continues to publish short stories, giving fans a glimpse into the characters’ lives after the books end. 172 more words


I am the very model of a modern metasexual

A theory:
The defining trait of the 21st century gay male is not hypersexuality so much as metasexuality … a single-minded focus on managing the diverse digital platforms that generate sexuality, rather than on sexuality itself.

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More videos from Jason Silva that support my theory

This video summarises a lot of research that seems to indicate that the world is indeed getting better! Its tending towards being a utopia. Which fits part of my theory where I proposed that our portion of reality is moving towards good in an overall reality that alternates between good and bad. 30 more words

The World Is Getting Better

Post-Structuralism Via Beards

So this year I began tutoring a university course which touches briefly upon semiotics and post-structuralism. It can be a pretty tangled octopus of confusing theory to get your head around, so I made these two BuzzFeed lists to help navigate it. 150 more words


The Cold War Domino Theory And Containment

The domino theory reborn: clinton bosnia intervention, The domino theory reborn: clinton s bosnia intervention and the “wider war” thesis. by ted galen carpenter. ted galen carpenter is vice president for defense and. 122 more words

Out of the frying pan . . .

It has been an interesting experience planning and running my own classroom. No co-teachers, no mentor teacher, no assignments. Just me and the students. I have only been doing this for two months and already I have learned so much. 444 more words