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Is God on the Side of the Oppressed?

The question “Is God on the Side of the Oppressed?” came up in one of my favorite 0nline discussion groups. My simple answer is “yes,” but there is much more to say about that… 780 more words


Theology Matters: A Message to Joel and Victoria Osteen

Those who know me will tell you I’m a doer, not a thinker. But that does not mean I don’t understand nor recognize the importance of theology. 415 more words



First, I want to acknowledge the Holy Spirit for leading me to an understanding of who I am as a created being and especially for doing so independent of the writings of those whose understanding and views of scripture I have now come to embrace. 20,185 more words


What Pastors Fear Most

Last spring, I preached from the passage below. It was a very vulnerable sermon to preach, because it struck too close to my heart. As I… 1,893 more words


Ideas from David Well, The Courage to be Protestant (Eerdmans, 2008)

In America, personality (being charismatic, glamorous) has replace character (being virtuous).

We look to the self for meaning, truth, and fulfillment. This is sin. The result is the loss of meaning and the unmooring of the self from reality, which is the Triune God. 80 more words

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These are excellent points to remember.

Sin & Accountability

In book five of St. Augustine’s autobiographical work titled Confessions St. Augustine mentions a doctrine held by the Manicheans that puts forth the idea that man is not responsible, or rather not accountable for his own sins. 541 more words

Double Edge

Thus Ranted Dionysos

So, for those of you who, like me, found the “bro” type language employed by Dionysos in that particular channel (which, curiously, faded as I drank more… he actually seemed to become more articulate), I’d like to pull out and deconstruct what I feel were actually extremely important concepts. 2,229 more words