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Fury 325 Swarming Carowinds in 2015

After all of the Centurion hype, it was Fury 325 all along.

In what will be the tallest and fastest B&M roller coaster ever Fury 325 will take the best of the previous 3 Cedar Fair giga coasters and wrap it all up into one 325 foot tall, 6,602 foot long monster of a coaster coming to Carowinds in 2015 themed after the twisting, diving flight of a hornet.  179 more words

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SeaWorld Deny They Listened, But I Hope They Did!

Blue World Project was announced this week across SeaWorld’s global parks.

I breathed a sigh of relief for three big reasons!

  1. It really hasn’t been a great year for my favorite marine themed park.
  2. 371 more words

Laff Trakk Spinning Riders at HersheyPark in 2015

With one of the most convoluted names in coaster history, Laff Trakk will bring classic fun-house elements and modern family thrills to Hersheypark next season. 143 more words

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Skyrider Giving Last Rides on September 1st

TOGO death machines are becoming a rare breed, with one of the last remaining standup coasters by the manufacturer being closed on September 1st few remain around the world. 166 more words

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Thunderbird Soaring into Holiday World in 2015

66 days later coaster enthusiasts got their Christmas in July.

In a massive culmination of the 66DaysAtSea teaser campaign Holiday World and Splashin Safari unveiled the biggest, most expensive, and most ambitious new attraction ever built in the park. 302 more words

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Man looses finger on Pirates of the Caribbean!

There has been a story going around about the man who lost two of his fingertips on Pirates of the Caribbean last thursday. The reports say that he lost the fingertips of his ring, and pinky finger, but the condition and the name of the man remains anonymous. 212 more words

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