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Short Fiction: Day at the Museum

First Published Thursday, September 15, 2011


–Can you believe it. Way back in the day, they used to believe that there was just one god. 1,483 more words

Short Fiction

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation - the altar challenge, will Bill Keller take the challenge he offered to a Muslim?

Ah, back into writing about religion. It’s about time, isn’t it?  And can *you* guess what the answer to the question in the title is? Of course you can! 3,266 more words

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation

Red Triangles

It is not the data, observations, tests, or facts that are ever the problem. 

It is the assumptions with which you fill in the gaps between the data sets, observations, tests and facts. 354 more words

For The Benefit Of Mankind

It’s Hard Out Here For An Atheist (2014Aug31)

Sunday, August 31, 2014              3:28 AM

Being an atheist is not easy, especially if you’ve been raised in a religious family. First of all you have to deal with this sense of lurking, just outside of your vision—that’s religion, waiting to enfold you back into its welcoming arms. 1,404 more words


Deeper Waters Podcast 8/30/2014: R. Scott Smith

What’s coming up on the Deeper Waters Podcast? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Morality. Most of us do agree that there is such a thing, although a growing number are increasingly saying that they don’t, which is quite frightening. 538 more words