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“The Giver” Inspires China Glaze Collection

China Glaze has partnered with The Weinstein Organization to create a limited-edition collection of nail polish inspired by the film “The Giver.” The 12-shade collection reflects essential moments and characters, especially the major character Jonas (Brendon Thwaites) and his buddy Fiona (Od… by… 7 more words

Women Ideas

boats in the night

light is shinning

and smiling

where it feels

and how the mental candle

is bringing forth


and how it is a special


and what is the pure mint… 43 more words


feeling on the wind

held a hand

and made a plan

and what was the need

and how was it always

the distinction

and what it bridged

and how it wanted… 47 more words


badly on the eye

starring at that woman

as if her eyes and being

was making you see

stars and how to travel

and who am i to being… 51 more words


Movie Review - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The following is a review for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I’m not a huge fan of Captain America, mostly because it rakes place during World War ||. 61 more words