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peace to the night

want things to be right

and want to feel the joy

and how it warms the frame

and its own feel

and the many things to say… 45 more words


awake of the eye

something was a front

and how it said things

and it did the things

and how it blew into a wind

and where it saw more than it ever… 36 more words


love on the dance floor

around in the circle

and how the night is so young

and how it is about looking into

one another’s eyes and feeling the moon… 48 more words


heard the magic

what is the power

and how it was something

and where it just created

and how it developed

and how it enriched

and how it takes… 48 more words


Scots will take a heart-over-head risk if they think Smart Alex will deliver

YOU’VE got to admire Alex Salmond’s balls, or cojones if you’re a Spanish reader.

The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) boss was hands-down winner of last week’s debate against Alistair Darling, ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer and empowered by the ‘No & Better Together’ campaign to keep the 307-year Union alive. 1,033 more words