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The Intolerance Behind Elizabeth Warren's 11 Commandments of Progressivism (Repost)

The following reposted commentary is a specific rebuffing of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent, one could say, progressive manifesto, published today by the Mises Institute’s… 2,289 more words

Economics, Fiscal Issues, Monetary Policy, & Taxation

A Recipe for Economic Stagnation

As I explained last week, the American economy is pulling ahead of Europe. One major reason why this is happening is that our welfare state, big and onerous as it is, has not quite yet grown to the point where it bringsĀ the private sector to a grinding halt. 702 more words

The Problems of the Welfare State

The Problems of the Welfare State

Goals of the welfare state:

1) Get people out of poverty.
2) Maintain work incentives.
3) Keep program costs at a minimum. 192 more words

Political Philosophy

An Institutional Analysis of the Crisis

As an institutional economist I focus my research on the role that institutions and policy structures play in our economy. It is a fascinating niche in economics, and when combined with macroeconomics it becomes one of the most powerful analytical tools out there. 1,587 more words