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Escape From Alcatraz, 1963

This book’s about

a prison — Alcatraz,

said to be


But some one(s)

did – or so they

claim -

to win some fame… 190 more words

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Webster's National Dictionary, 1963

Well, what can you


about a dictionary?

As a matter of fact,

what can’t you say

about a book that


the meaning

of every word… 148 more words

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Aloha Ukulele, 1941

Aloha Ukulele,

not a book,

but a menu.

Like a book,

Cover, content,

pages -

(four in fact,

and all intact).

The best books

(and menus), 139 more words

The Vintage Book Poem Du Jour

Baby, You Can Drive My MotorCar

I go far

in a car

like this.

Of course,

I never

take the wheel -

the chauffeur

drives me

& I arrive

in style, 112 more words

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Bawdy Ballads and Lusty Lyrics - Oh Boy!

To all tosspots

and gay seducers,


I kid you not -

I’m reading you

the Foreword,

to this liddle book -

& you might… 135 more words

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The Joy-lessness of Cooking

There is no Joy

in mudville

nor in my kitchen


My oven sees

me as a stranger

& my range, also.

The fridge and… 218 more words

The Vintage Book Poem Du Jour

I Find a Find

Here, all along,

I’ve been writing

poetry in my head -

when, instead,

I could have used

the book I just

found: The Complete

Rhyming Dictionary… 236 more words

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