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A Sims 3 Experiment: Day 43

Week 7: My Only Friend, the End

Day 43: Aliens and Face-paint Demons

Day 43 began early, before dawn had even arrived. The house was asleep and everything was quiet when, all of a sudden, a massive boom rang out, followed by some sparkly chime noises. 1,182 more words



“What the hell were you thinking?” Emma hissed at Elsa.

“I was trying to do the right thing!” Elsa shoved her sister. “More then what any of you were trying to do!” 258 more words

A Sims 3 Experiment: Day 42

Day 42: MML Gets a Mascot

What would you think if stumbled into the bathroom to find someone just sitting on the toilet. Not using it, mind you. 1,260 more words


Chapter 5: New Faces

Lizzie’s Point Of View



I’m still fuming as I head up the stairs to my dorm room. I can’t believe that Abby forget to send in her room agreement and now we can’t be roommates! 2,040 more words


A Sims 3 Experiment: Day 41

Day 41: F$#k the Police

Day 41 saw the last free day before what would be the biggest show of their career: Club Plasma. I had (incorrectly) assumed that they would all understand the gravity of the situation, and spend the day on their instruments, honing and practicing and tweaking every little detail of their performance until it was absolutely flawless. 1,063 more words


A Sims 3 Experiment: Day 40

Day 40: Fisticuffs and Fornication

The feeling of maturity that was so palpable the day before continued strong into the next morning, as it found Robi up early, watering his tiny garden. 793 more words


The Hartfields | 002. Here Comes the Sun

“Their eyes met. She shook her head so quick, like it was instinct, but then said:

“You know I’m not a good person, right?”

A couple of weeks ago, on the worst day of his life, he would have agreed right away.

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