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I finally got to use my creative cursing book...

So a third airplane in two weeks has landed unexpectedly due to a fight over leg room.

Let’s all take a moment to think about the fact that there are 3 people in America who have physically fought someone over leg room on an air plane. 404 more words

My Poor Friends & Family

Dead Eyes has the perfect part....

Oh boy. Kristen Stewart is doing another movie, Equals.

Shoot me now.

I literally pray for the end of the movie profession as a whole just to rid my eyes of this thing on my screen. 186 more words


I need AA...

So a reader (Ronnie) recently commented on my last post about Amazon Prime.

The post where I admitted to buying a year’s worth of Skittles. 269 more words

The Shankables

You're either with me or against me...

This morning I got the scare of my life. I opened up my Facebook app and saw a link to a Huffington Post article about the new Facebook Messenger. 544 more words


There's certainly a prettier sister...

So anyone who has ever been near me in a hair salon, or even just near me when a picture of a Kardashian pops up, knows that I hate one thing about hair. 245 more words


My head exploded....

Sorry, I had to take a few days off the blog after the stunning betrayal of friendship I had endured.

Read about it here:

http://shank-you-very-much.com/2014/07/02/today-dealt-me-a-stunning-betrayal/ 178 more words

Are You Shanking Me?!?!