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The Death of Relationships

Now, I know that’s a bit of a dramatic title, but hang with me here I promise there’s a point. Yes, I did just go through a break up and getting back out into the single world has been a bit of a shock, but what I’m going to talk about here existed long before my ex and I decided to split. 729 more words


Take Two

Weeks after my graduation, I was quite impulsive when it came to job/career opportunities. I was approached via my daily LinkedIn email about jobs that would suite my skill-set, and becoming a Merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel was an option. 227 more words


Tutorial Feedback

- Credibility? —> Is it too experimental?
– Would illustrations conflict with QUT’s values?
– Lack of professionalism, corporation, business values?
– “Out of this world” – the real world. 103 more words

A New World

College, a new and exciting world filled with opportunities, growth, development, experience, risks, joys, and happiness, but college is also filled with negatives such as debt, misery, confusion, and most importantly fear.   556 more words


The Real World of Diversity

When they say New York City is a world of its own, they aren’t joking…

As I sit here in the Starbucks a block from where I’m staying at the moment, I’m pleased to look out into a variety of individuals. 641 more words

Ahimsa Kerp - Language Mercenary & Realm Tramper

Ahimsa Kerp is a self-proclaimed peripatetic language mercenary who has written travel articles for BootnAll and Traveldudes, short fiction for numerous publications, and the award-winning horror screenplay, … 836 more words


This Is Totally Off Subject...

…and I hate to vent, but lately I’ve just been in a slump. I take that back, I’ve been in a slump for as long as I can remember and I’ve just been masking it to my best ability…everyday. 751 more words