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The photograph by Horn

When you think you have no ideas, don’t ask questions. Forget everything and go. The end result is always good. How far can we go for photography ? 597 more words


Light by Jacquelyn


Light is complex;
an interaction with matter,
a spectrum of waves,
the source of all human beings.

Draw the blinds,
Spotlights and shadows.
Come night, its glow abates… 804 more words


Fabric of my Life by Maya

“The Fabric of my Life”
I struggled a lot with this prompt, mostly because there were so many possible interpretations, but
also because I had no clue where to start. 686 more words


Insecurities by Khatiti

Insecurities led me to cover most of my face, my eyes specifically, whenever I was photographed growing up. As I’ve grown, I have begun to accept and love the parts of myself that I once wanted to hide, and this transformation is something that I tried to portray through the visual transition between the photos. 664 more words


Unanswered Questions by Stephen Turnock

Unanswered Questions:
Do people see me, do I see myself, for my weaknesses?
Do people see me, do I see myself, for my strengths?

Fire and Ice represent these two polar opposites. 769 more words


Self Portrait by Beatrice

We all have our fears. Some big, some small – some deeper, some more superficial. My fear of heights, showing emotion, and being photographed are pretty different from one another, but what they do have in common is vulnerability. 972 more words


My feet


                                                    They take me to the places I need to be