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A problem or not?

Too many selfies.  

Too many cat/dog pics in your feed.

Don’t post photos of your food.

Don’t tell us what you listen to.

Don’t reblog/re-tweet too often. 299 more words

Personal Stuff

Toms Takes Investment

Social do-gooder and top shoe retail brand, Toms has partnered with Boston-based capital investment house, Bain Capital. The eight year-strong startup company has been active with third world countries and have achieved some remarkable things. 157 more words


Generation Z

Did you know about the existence of Generation Z? Barely able to call themselves ‘nineties kids’ and they are taking entrepreneurial communities by storm. They fall nothing short of smart-alecks and are being described as the most diverse generation ever. 264 more words


Sunday morning


Woke up early but still it was almost too late.  However, the first activity this morning – after getting up and going to the computer to say hi to a new friend – was to engage in a relaxed but intense masturbation session.   359 more words

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I shall return

At long last, we have reclaimed the Fun Apartment!

Actually, I’m not sure if stumbling in at 2 am, and dumping armloads of cheap Midwestern groceries on the kitchen floor can be called reclaiming. 284 more words


Before and after

Before the haircut and after. Which is which?

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When nature calls...

… You go on a jogging date. That is what I have been up to these days, with my cousin and my sister, in various places. 248 more words