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The New 52: Futures End #17

Who is the Masked Superman? What does his identity have to do with last week’s startling ending? The answers will shock you as the entire New 52 gets ready to jump five years into the future! 72 more words


Superman #34 Preview

Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr. continue their epic Superman run with “THE MEN OF TOMORROW” chapter 3! Introducing the bizarre villain known as The Machinist – the man behind the recent technological attacks on Metropolis. 103 more words

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The Flash #34 Preview

Time is getting closer as Future Flash reaches the point that broke his spirit – Wally West’s death – while Wally meets his uncle Daniel, the Reverse Flash, and Barry Allen is trapped in the middle! 25 more words


Done-in-One Grit - "Batman" #34 Review

by Matt Petras

Not unlike other instances in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run, “Batman” #34 takes a break from the structure of a large arc and tells a done-in-one storyline with a guest artist. 376 more words

Batman #34 Review

Batman #34

Review by Paul Bowler

Now that Zero Year is over, and events in Batman: Eternal have caused major upheaval in Gotham City, Batman #34 finds the Dark Knight faced with task of tracking down a mysterious killer who has been secretly haunting the streets of Gotham for many years. 823 more words


A Day of Three "Superman DOOMED" Comics

by Matt Petras

In a few ways, “Superman DOOMED” encompasses some of the worst aspects of superhero comic books. It’s an overly long storyline, it’s most likely overly regulated by top-down editorial control, and it confusingly seems to require reading across multiple series to get a complete story, putting a halt to stories that were doing just fine beforehand. 539 more words

Green Lantern #34 Preview

In the bloody wake of “UPRISING,” Hal is forced to take stock and ask if he’s really managed to redeem the Green Lantern Corps…and new Lantern Simon Baz may help him find the answer he seeks! 60 more words

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