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My August '14 in Review

Albeit another stressful transitional stretch, the month of August procured peace of mind in the form of full-time employment and solid viewing experiences. Whilst the former generally leaves much to be desired, it’s still serviceable in the sense that it provides me with a means of maintaining my recently reinvented lifestyle in a new locale. 98 more words

The Month In Review

My (Fashionably Late) July '14 in Review

Having just relocated (back) to Pennsylvania, my life has been in quite the state of disarray as I’ve scrambled – panicked and uncertain – to pick up the pieces and start anew. 105 more words

The Month In Review

My June '14 in Review

June, for me, was a month of existential transition as I prepared to uproot my life in upstate New York for a more favorable one in Philadelphia. 85 more words

The Month In Review