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ADA: Intentionally Vague?

On signing the measure, George H. W. Bush said:

I know there may have been concerns that the ADA may be too vague or too costly, or may lead endlessly to litigation. 13 more words

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Yandel's Plakito Music Video Shoot

So, I stepped behind the lens to perform with Yandel for the second time this year. Instead of a latin award show, this time I was a background dancer for his new single, Plakito, featuring General Gadiel. 57 more words

Teressa Cee

Party City Commercial

Teressa was a principal dancer among many in the annual Party City Halloween commercial. Try to spot her in the colorful feathered bird costume throughout the video. 16 more words

Teressa Cee

Gone For a Stumble, Came Back With Apple Crumble.

Seeing as the weather has decided to toy with my emotions (there’s only so many times a person can adapt to season changes) and the sun decided to reappear, me and my boy went to the local apple orchard to get our pickings. 466 more words

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Thought Snack: Evidence for Reincarnation or Possession?

“[E]vidence for reincarnation… is derived from the memories of those who claim to have lived another life at some earlier time. These memories, which often fade with age, can be either produced spontaneously… or derived regressively from hypnosis or by dreams. 247 more words