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August 29

James just dodged a bullet. Lol.

Hello, my fabulous people of Kito Diaries. I’m back… briefly. I’m sure some of you were glad that the stench of my ramblings weren’t around to spoil your Sunday mornings, but it’s gon’ take a lot more to stop this unicorn from writing. 1,027 more words

Dear Diary

Why I Won't Do The Ice Bucket Challenge

I’m all for charity – well, the kind that helps people in an altruistic way. I mean, throwing water on yourself is helping people get some shits and giggles, but not sure that’s the reason the challenge was started. 346 more words


Year 3 - Growing Pains


“As we start the new year, our focus turns to creating large stockpiles of wood and stone for our growing community. We will try to conserve our resources throughout this year and prepare to build in year 4. 396 more words

The Journal

[PRESS PICS] 140823 2014 JYJ Concert in Beijing ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’


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So envy of the fans..they are so lucky. When will be my turn?? *cries at the corner*

[TWITTER] 140824 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update: Public comeback on KBS Gag Concert

 Came back on national TV~!!!!
I appeared without washing my face & I was wearing training clothes & flip-flops!



 I appeared on TV.. wore freely☆ 28 more words


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Kyaaa..baby so casual *love*

Year 2 - Population


“We feared for our establishment over the winter however relationships are flourishing as the winds pass, and allow spring to draw closer. As dull as it may be, the fish stocks held for winter and with careful planning no one was left hungry. 455 more words

The Journal

Year 1 - The Old Testement


“As the snow turns to rain, we being to build the foundations to a communal Residence for all the who wish to live here. 450 more words

The Journal