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244/365 - Made

While we were on one of our many trips away over the holiday, we went to a photography studio in Glastonbury called Made Portraits. I’ve written about it… 112 more words

The Girl

241/365 - Mad Scientists

The husb and I both wear contact lenses so I assume that at some point one or both of our children might have to add well. 21 more words

The Girl


I had a dream last night. I was on a bus. It was big. Bigger than the buses I’m used to. There was enough space to walk comfortably in the ally between the seats. 202 more words

240/365 - Conkers!

It’s not quite conker season, but having seen a couple of closed up cases on the ground, we spent a considerable amount of time trying to find some real actual conkers.

The Girl

239/365 - Work

I’m not due back at work until Monday, but I wanted to go in and prep a couple of bits and bobs before we got back into it. 95 more words

The Girl

238/365 - Airborne

She seems to think that she can actually fly. It’s quite hard to take a photo and not look at the same time.

The Girl