Dialogue with Po-po

(* I refer to Po-po as Suet Fan, her Chinese name.)

It started off with a bright sunny day, light pouring from the almost cloudless blue sky.  2,068 more words


Reason why it started

The Inspiration

The idea was inspired from Au Hoi Lam, an artist who held an exhibition “My Father is Over the Ocean”. Dedicated to her late father, the beautiful tribute mourns over the loss of a beloved one, his preferences, experiences and emotions. 314 more words


A letter for future generations, from 1961

(Note on the back, in my Grandmama’s handwriting states:  “Vernon Aubrey Neasham is the handsome boy in the 1st row and second from right. He was born August 28, 1908 in Reno, Nevada. 601 more words


Emma, part one

(Emma Jackson…what a sweet face she had)

The kindly looking lady above is my great-great grandmother, Emma Charlotte Heidolph Jackson. She was born in Fritzlar, Hessen, Germany, in June of 1871, just after the end of the Franco-Prussian War.  360 more words


The Family Project... the book

My buddy Leon Wirth and I are stoked our new book is out. It’s The Family Project, the book-length, deeper-dive presentation of the teaching and insights offered in Focus on the Family’s 12 session dvd… 509 more words

Imaging God

My wife and I are part of a small group right now that is going through the DVD presentation of The Family Project from Focus on the Family. 520 more words

Biblical Worldview