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Little Joy


How many dramatic-sky-over-the-Institute photos can I post before you guys give up on me?

I’ve fallen back into the darknes of Dhagpo, which isn’t so much a darkness as an absence of internet presence caused by long days and sleepy evenings with late sunsets. 723 more words


The writing life

When you’re a writer, people seem to feel you must be bohemian enough to accept them asking you anything. Or maybe people are just rude. 759 more words


Moon Light Reflections

Maine weather seems very unpredictable. Forecasts call for clear nights but fog is a threat and clouds seem to roll in without warning. So, I only had one decent night of clear skies in which to enjoy the Milky Way. 137 more words

The Creative Life

Clearing The Path

On Saturday night, I went to hear a classical music performance in a church nearby. As the tones of clavichord and violin filled the old stone building, my heart rose with the brimming notes, and I thought, “This feels like refuge.” It’s not at all the traditional triple gem of the Buddhist refuge, but somewhere in the music I felt the fullness and emptiness of all phenomena and the confirmation that it is possible to reach an understanding of this paradox. 650 more words


David Lynch on Where Ideas Come From

A short clip of acclaimed writer/director/filmmaker/Transcendental meditator David Lynch discussing where ideas come from.

The Thick Darkness

Day 8, Rather Late: Homecoming

We got into Paris at 8 p.m. This is the sky from the parking lot at Charles de Gaulle. We (meaning several people who are not me) drove home in the darkness and we stumbled into our beds around 4 a.m. 1,049 more words


To infinity and....back again. Day one.

Yesterday I was musing on the gap between the feeling of wanting to create and actually creating. It was day one of my self appointed ‘do something every day, for God’s sake’ challenge. 1,110 more words

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