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She Prays

Alikka brushes back
Her fears of madness-
A plastic statue
Cowering among strong warriors.

Alikka knows where her heart
Is telling her to run to, 47 more words

When the Legend Becomes Fact — Hollywood and the Historical Film (Part Two): Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’ and the Lone Gunman Theory

“Let There Be Light” – And Let Us Be Illuminated By It

Continuing with my rumination on a course I once developed concerning Hollywood and the Historical Film, exactly how much history and how much fiction does one include in such an undertaking? 1,833 more words

Kevin Costner

Love Means Backing Up What You Say (Even When You Screw Up)

I couldn’t tell you what the accurate statistics on divorce are, and I could post a bunch of links to studies that show different numbers on divorce in America, divorce in the church, divorce of this kind of couple or this kind. 1,112 more words

The Bible

A Few Lessons My Son Taught Me from Proverbs 1

Yesterday was the first of the month, and as my custom is, I read Proverbs 1 to my four-month old son. As I read the chapter out loud, several important themes began to emerge, things that are reinforced throughout the rest of Proverbs, throughout the Old Testament, and throughout the entire bible. 968 more words


The Bible: Ruth

This is an extremely short book, only four chapters long. In some ways it reminded me of the Book of Job, since it’s a single story with more developed individual characters. 290 more words

Myth or Reality?

Myth or Reality?

How can you tell if a story is a work of fiction or it’s in fact an accurate description of historical events? 2,909 more words

Essays On Predestination And Election By B. B. Warfield

The doctrines of predestination and election were the hardest for me to understand when I first started studying reformed theology.  Two short essays by B. B. 48 more words

The Bible