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Sex Tourist Visas, Alcohol, Stickman: All on the Chopping Block

If you have been following at all the deranged chatter of the Thai sex tourism blogs and sites, then you all well know that your multiple… 877 more words


Headed to the Mall

so.. more of Thailand.

These are some shots from a trip to the mall in the city centre. Bangkok. Public transport is just a hole experience on its own and even the malls are kinda different so worth giving a try.

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AC Life

Imagine a life without AC in Thailand. You can’t. The minute you set foot outside you can feel the sweat beads forming on your face, neck, and arms. 315 more words


I was giving a lesson to my M1 kids (the 13 year olds) on prepositions of place. For those of you who don’t remember the label, under, over, between, on, etc. 120 more words

Culture Shock

Not all those who wander are lost… (except me, I’m directionally challenged)

One of the most enlightening and frightening memories I have is of being lost in Thailand. 752 more words


Lopburi (July 13)

After being in Ayutthaya, we decided to take the mini van over to Lopburi. I was extremely curious and knew if I left Thailand without seeing if, I would be upset. 1,014 more words

Thai Beach Boy Photobomber

This little Thai boy was determined to get in my photos, so he’s now also a famous Thai boy photobomber … little boys!

Enjoy :D… 33 more words

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