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TGIF Weekly Recap | Aug. 29, 2014

In real life

For many of my international readers, it’s no longer Friday (oops), so I’m sorry about the delayed post. I was supposed to have this post online by 7 p.m., but I had an awful headache when I came home from school. 479 more words

News & Updates

It's time to get ready for the storm

Yes, I know, I missed last Friday’s TGI. It was a 3-Day weekend and I was busy eating delicious cupcakes and enjoying a friend’s birthday.  It was wonderful! 352 more words


Friday is here!

When I was working, Fridays were a lot more exciting. Now, they are just another day, since everyday is part workday part weekend for me. I try to combat this feeling by doing various things like going to see the train at Wegman’s and raiding the pantry to try something new for dinner. 290 more words


What's in a Name? Friday's Grin

Just when I am ready to start screaming at world events and watching the President announce “We have no strategy.” … my brother emailed me this: 8 more words

Commentary - Modern Times

At The End

Didn’t actually write this today, but finally had time to publish it today. 😝 #tgif #backtoschool

I’m taking a poetry class this semester! Super excited!!✨Please look forward to a lot of fresh, new, experimental poetry coming to you in the following weeks. ^_^


Favorite Post Fridays

TGIF, am I right? Wow it’s been an exhausting week, but I had a great first start of the semester. And I’m looking forward to the rest of this year. 330 more words