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Texting: Can We Raise Our Kids From a Posture of Fear?

About a year ago, I had a discussion with Kid 2 about internet safety. Computer use at home is always in our line of sight, and really, only certain sites are approved by us. 979 more words


Love Letters to Blogtard (Vol. 8)

The Blogtard is in!
I’ve been quite the sex therapist this week! It’s kind of like being psychic……you can predict the future for others but not for yourself. 287 more words


Still single, that is. In my previous post I mentioned a guy who contacted me through Twitter. We had been going back and forth over text messages for some time now and despite him insisting I was labeling him as the usual horny man and he was not only in it for sex, he continued to bring sex up every single conversation. 326 more words

Some lingering questions after a late night out on the town

1. I am tired of gay men telling me I’m a “cute lesbian”. I know they mean well and have good intentions, but it is exhausting to defend my sexuality. 102 more words


Disappearing Snails

OK. This confirms my fears. Today marked the 3rd day this week that I went to the post office box to pick up the mail and found it empty. 563 more words

What Everyone Should Know About Facebook Messenger: Myth vs Reality

It would seem that we have once again found ourselves in a position of being mad at Facebook. I’m not surprised at the issue seems to come up every other year or so. 740 more words

General Update