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Just 5 Things

So I read this post today, and really felt a need to respond to it. From the article:

Here are five things you need to know about interacting with fat fatshionistas:

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Current Events

Terrarium - a tiny floral garden - mini wonders

Had a last minute crisis ….

Had a great idea to create a loose collage to show depth. Felt I had strong graphic images and used a variety of inks, line drawing, pencil drawing, layering to create a clean fresh simple design … 53 more words

Print Design

Ferns & Terrariums | Creating A Glass Covered Green Globe

Following posting my moodboard inspired by succulents and the DIY rock garden, the images of the little courtyard, and specially those fresh green ferns, didn’t depart my thoughts. 27 more words


Raleigh Made

With our September 6th market only 12 days away, Northern Regards is excited to welcome…

Raleigh Made

Raleigh Made brings us these stunning and unique indoor gardens. 64 more words

Stress Busters - Assembling Terrariums

Prelims are round the corner. Its exam preparation time…..and a stressful time for me. Set Andrew an exam paper to complete, and this gave me about an hour of “free time”.   46 more words

Patricia reblogged this on Patch of Mine and commented:

Prelims are here! Its exams and its stressful for mums too! Had to relax a little so rummaged through the cupboards and found Prego bottles, pretty hexagonal bottle (that used to contain Feta cheese) ....

IMG_1373     IMG_1370     IMG_1378

And, old pot bases ...

IMG_1383      IMG_1386



And, all these assembled in about an hour :).