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Telling Stories: I do not build a maze, I assemble tools

I’m in the midst of planning for a big roleplaying plot right now.  That means integrating plots, making a couple of alts, planting the seeds of resolutions that won’t come for quite some time.  1,150 more words

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A Personal Story Involving My Butt and a Tongue Scraper

Some stories are too good to be forgotten. Here is an excellent story from my old blog that I had to bring over. Enjoy.

As with all stories about my butt, this one too, starts with my throat. 997 more words


Where I Learned To Write

I grew up in a television-less home in a time where everyone and their dog had a TV to watch every night. This left me only two forms of entertainment. 487 more words

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Who do you say he is?

“Tell us a story!” That’s the way I would begin the earliest conversations I remember having with my grandmother. When my sister and cousins and I were in her presence, someone would inevitably ask her to tell us a story from her childhood. 1,006 more words


Telling Stories: This is the world we live in

Here’s the funny thing about games: at one point, I realized that my shaman in World of Wacraft was essentially a superhero.  She summoned fire, lightning, and wind to do her bidding.  1,105 more words

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Telling Stories: Three big memories (and why they stand out)

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of roleplaying.  So much so that honestly, I don’t remember most of it.

I don’t mean this in the sense that I’m not paying attention, just that roleplaying enough means that things are slowly going to fade into memory.  1,166 more words


Telling Stories: Playception

I do not know why it is that people like the idea of putting on a play in-character.  Seriously, couldn’t tell you.  It’s kind of ridiculous, you’re… 1,199 more words

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