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Survivor SCA

Survivor SCA

In the frivolous spirit of televised competition shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and Different Worlds, I’ve been contemplating — with considerable irreverent amusement –how such a format might translate to the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). 440 more words

Castle Life

"If you hate Comcast click your remote three times" Why Comcast is the worst company in America

The world’s largest broadcasting and cable company motto should be: If you do a thing, do it as badly as possible

By: ┬áLynn Stuart Parramore/ALTERNET… 445 more words


'Sons of Anarchy' trailer asks if Jax does bad things (Spoiler: Yes)

When Kurt Sutter told EW how many club members will die in Sons of Anarchy‘s final season, which premieres Sept. 9, the number may have seemed low. 192 more words


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Pre-season thoughts. Based off of the trailers, previous seasons, and knowing that this show has been based on the Hamlet play. This season will bloody, shocking, tense and amazing. I'm looking forward to it in the best ways possible.

Three Men And A Comic Book - Episode #034

Three young ten year old’s going in to buy a comic book worth $100 what could possibly go wrong?

Bart and Lisa are driven to a comic book convention. 776 more words

New 'Sons of Anarchy' photos are appropriately unsettling

Two weeks from today, Sons of Anarchy‘s final ride begins. We’ve already seen a shot of Charlie Hunnam and Marilyn Manson in the Sept. 9┬áseason premiere; now FX has released more images. 584 more words


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Oh MY...this show.

Seven Things I've Learned from Ralph Wiggum


1. Use bad grammar? That’s unpossible!
I’m far from the grammar police. I don’t judge others openly if they use bad grammar. But using good grammar is such an easy thing to do in life that I make it a point to be reasonable about it. 483 more words


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