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Red Band Society: Pilot Review

I always appreciate a well-made dramedy. And lately I have been thinking about how there aren’t really any on TV anymore (at least not any that I personally enjoy all that much). 285 more words

TV Review

Watch With Me: Sons of Anarchy

I spent the first half of my summer trying to catch up with shows that I already love and just lagged behind on due to my schedule at school. 861 more words


Celebrity Big Brother - 20/08/2014

Well, watching this episode has made me feel pretty depressed! Bloody Gary talking nonstop about death and passing onto the other side! It’s a little bit morbid, I must say. 119 more words


Celebrity Big Brother - Live Launch

I’m baaaack!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I’ve got a new job so I’ve been working like crazy! Which means catching up on a load of television. 188 more words

The Good, The Bad, and the Eyebrows: Deep Breath Review

A dinosaur is set on fire and Peter Capaldi’s eyebrows become independently cross (and Scottish). But did the latest Doctor Who episode live up to expectations? 1,222 more words


Doctor Who: Tertiary Aliens Rapidly Devolve Interesting Story

Do you know how long I’ve waited? After a bland Christmas special (which was somewhat of a misnomer) and the promise of a new, darker, older, more Scottish Doctor, eight months sailed by in an agonising trill of teasers and Coleman. 941 more words

Television Review

A Feast for the Eyes: A Review of the Sex and the City Episode, "I Love a Charade"

Note: Episode synopsis is from Wikipedia. (I’ve vetted the summary; it’s reliable)The observations are my own work.

“I Love a Charade”| Season 5| Original Airdate: 8 September 2002… 1,109 more words