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Have you lost your way?

Do you need help little dog?

Please don’t bare your teeth


Problems of Writing a Universe

Sometimes when I am writing things I just stop and run my hands through my hair and throw my hands up in the air and shout: It’s too much! 168 more words

Crooked Smile


Guess what!? I’m getting braces. Yup me, adult, is getting braces. Why am i getting braces now you ask? Huh? You didn’t ask? Well I’m gonna tell you anyway. 336 more words

Losing it

The last few weeks have been really big for Oliver.  He had his first day of school, his first surgery, and lost his first tooth.  Needless to say, things have been crazy around our house. 1,826 more words


Two updates

One. Arlo has a molar! This is round two of molars. After this, he will have a full set of teeth! (It is way too hard to photograph this so you will have to trust me). 43 more words


People Who Want Whiter Teeth Can Go to Perth Dental Services for Help

“There are several other causes aside from these antibiotics, such as diseases that weaken your teeth enamel. At other times, it’s merely age catching up. Consulting an established Perth dental professional will help you pinpoint the exact reason why your teeth aren’t the pristine white that you want them to be. 96 more words

Teeth Whitening at Home

New on Alpha M on PhunkT TV

If like us, you like a coffee or two, and perhaps a glass of red wine or two (or even three!), the odds are your teeth could do with a little whitening…Watch some great advice from Alpha M on Phunkt TV on teeth whitening at home. 31 more words