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Liebster Award

I am so flattered to have been nominated for the Liebster Award by kaleidoscopickites.wordpress.com! She is an excellent writer and blogger, and all of you should definitely take a look at her blog. 362 more words

Creative Writing

Summer Splurge ~ August Book Haul 2014

Do you ever buy too many books and you feel like you don’t have time to read all of them? Well that’s exactly what happened to me this summer. 1,059 more words

Cloud Candescence

Achingly semi-precious ashen,
Swoons the sweven skies,
While the voids of heartbreak,
Dangle from lacuscular cotton,
Luring melancholic beatitude,
To pour out flurries of ebullition,
Onto wicked hills in cataclysm.




I spent the last weekend in Cape Cod with the Boys and Girls Club. funfunfun. It was…interesting…and…fun I GUESS. 372 more words

Strange Fruit

You keep me running far from us.

Leaves me dying for your trust.

This strange seed,
Cuts how envy should bleed,
Planted in the middle of the forest in my dreams. 148 more words



Incarnadine pools simmer bosky seas.
Boats lurch toward starfish sublime
And depart to the depths of darkness.

Candlelit lacunas divulge windy drifts
Of desirable opulent pearl pleasures. 27 more words

"January" - Promote Yourself

Every word you spoke to me was like an infection,

Eating me out and pulling me in

Fangs sinking deeply into paper-thin skin,

As if my world had been punctured by a syllable… 142 more words

Promoting Yourself

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Poetreecreations.org was kind enough to feature me on their page! Thank you so much again for the opportunity to contribute. Everyone should definitely visit their site; they have a lot of beautiful pieces.