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California Officials Say People Are Stealing Water Under the Cover of Night

A fire hydrant or a spigot in a park might seem like innocuous civil courtesies, but in our drought-consumed future, they’re dangerous weak spots in the infrastructure that protects our precious natural resources. 222 more words


These Fascinating New Nanobots Seek Out and Destroy Cancerous Tumors

Chemo can do more damage than good, but these should leave healthy cells unharmed.

from Gizmodo UK http://ift.tt/1B2bwwq


Google's Project Wing is a secret, drone-based delivery system | The Verge

The Verge

I know, I know I’m boring you to death with all these nerdy articles. BUT LOOK AT THIS! How cool is this! The idea that these could really be used to help people instead of kill people is awesome to me. 21 more words


Laser LP

Finally introducing a Laser Turntable to the U.S.A. and Canada this summer. Working like a CD player, the turntable shoots out a laser beam to scan the surface of a vinyl record, even allowing you to pause the music and seek forward and backward. 95 more words