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3 year old female German Shepherd Cross.

Beautiful Judy is a lively and fun loving girl who is looking for a home where she will be appreciated for her gentle and friendly temperament. 79 more words

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A Crooked Tiara

A crooked tiara
Perched over tear stains
Smudged makeup drying
Only the pain now remains
But the sunshine emerges
Hope rises after the ashes
Don’t give up on me, for I’m
Here to kiss wet eyelashes



1 and a half year old male Pitbull Terrier Cross.

Jaque is a fun-loving, active and uber affectionate love bug, who bubbles over with the joys life has to offer! 103 more words

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7 month old male Shepherd-Australian Cattle Dog Cross.

You couldn’t find a more playful, light-hearted, easy-going and jovial boy if you tried! With his soft, luxurious fur, soulful eyes and dazzling personality to match, Buster is the perfect all rounder and is as cute as a button. 99 more words

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3 year old male Collie-Retriever Cross.

What more could you want in a man? Tall, dark and handsome. Tasteful and wise. Thick, flowing fur and stylish swag on four legs? 115 more words

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Heart On My Sleeve

long time since I’ve felt
this way
Head in hands
Tears on cheeks
to cry what a relieve
Only you could make me
feel this way… 122 more words


Tears and laughter





I’m sitting here on my bed watching videos by two of my favorite youtubers (though I’m actually watching their Good Mythical Morning show) and I am crying while I push a spoonful of yogurt into my mouth. 19 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm