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Day 21: Yoga Music

Day 21, Friday

 Ever find yourself dragging in yoga?

Not us, Not today.

It’s easy to get in a rut, particularly if you’re trying to throw in a little yoga to a jam packed schedule and end up on the same routine. 379 more words

Starting over

It’s Labour Day again, but this one’s a little different. I’m not just starting another school year; I’m starting a new role as a classroom teacher and department head. 131 more words


Teachers Learning from their Art Students

Many of my closest friends are teachers. Both my roommates are art teachers. So, this last “back to school” week has been a flurry of art supplies as they set up their classrooms. 342 more words


Growth Mindset

Quite a bit from the 3p conference with Dan Haesler on the growth mindset. A few weeks later this came across my desk from Sal Khan! 49 more words


Summary and tips for teaching Motion and time Study

I have been teaching motion and time study for a couple of years. The content is very classic, well, in other words, kind of out of date compared with more fancy topics such as human computer interaction. 531 more words


The Bitter End

There’s a lot of wrong in my life right now. Really, it’s almost comical. I suppose that’s why I decided to start this blog- maybe my shit time will bring some laughs to others. 568 more words