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If You Don't Love America, Leave It

There arise occasions in political debate when those guided by reason must unapologetically castigate their unreasonable opponents. “If you don’t love it, leave it” Merle Haggard exclaimed in “The Fightin’ Side of Me.” For the past decade, both the left and right have accepted the rise of extremity along their ideological fringes. 846 more words

"Pro-Life" is just another kind of Abortion

Mr. Kouki’s poster is extremely misleading: it assumes that the fetus is a being for whom all choices can be made independently of the mother, and ignores the fact that it is actually totally dependent upon its mother while still in the womb.   610 more words

Social Justice

Lone Star Crazy


An interesting, yet super depressing, article about my current home state of Texas from Rolling Stone Magazine.  I would like all of you that are not from Texas to know that Texas is way more diverse than most people think. 8 more words

"Obama And The Warmongers": The Drums Of War And The Chants For Blood; The Politics Of The ISIS Threat

We seem to be drifting inexorably toward escalating our fight with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, as the Obama administration mulls whether to extend its “limited” bombing campaign into Syria. 783 more words


Why a tough year for America's Democrats could be a good opportunity for the party's far left

Most of the world by now knows of the Tea Party, the right-wing political movement that has been a formidable force in American politics in recent years. 845 more words

Environmentalism And Children's Movies

Ever notice the differences between watching a nature documentary and the average movie written about nature? Well… there are a lot of differences but I’m talking about a small category of these differences. 1,118 more words