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Now that Music week is finished, here comes a fortnight of (some Street, some tourist) shots of London.

Some of these are rushed since I was with a party of people and there was no time to compose.


Uber is now banned throughout Germany

This story has been updated to include a statement from Uber. 

Uber thought it was off the hook when the city of Berlin lifted a ban against the car service. 294 more words


...I was asked to elope by an Azerbaijani taxi driver and verbally abused by a Russian tramp

Travelling alone, especially as girl, can get you into situations that can start out awkwardly funny, but turn sour pretty quickly. Here are some suggestions to help you a) to try and avoid any mishaps, and b) to help get you out – unfortunately for me, I had to pick some of these up on my own… 862 more words


Metered taxi prices jump as roving service starts in Phuket

A hike in metered taxi fares comes as roving metered taxis officially begin foraging Phuket for passengers, after the grand opening of the new island-wide service this morning. 261 more words

Absolute Hotels

A wakeup call in Cusco, Peru

I’d spent over 4 years dreaming of visiting Cusco, Peru, before I finally had the time, the money, and the nerve to make it happen. 784 more words


Today, I break the radio silence of the last few months with a post worthy event.

I took a random cab to work today (no lasting solution to my transportation predicament. 46 more words

Getting a shuttle to/from Dunedin airport - and the police...

Dunedin Airport is around 30km from the city of Dunedin and it’s probably one of the few international airports (I’m guessing) that doesn’t have a cheap public transport option to get you from the airport to the city or back again. 422 more words

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