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Getting to Know You...

I have only been in Taiwan since noon on Sunday—it is Wednesday now, early afternoon—and already I feel such a sense of comfort; this place has become more of a home in a handful of days than some of my Milwaukee rentals have been during a year’s time. 1,047 more words

... The foreigner (老外)

I really wanted to post something regarding the big issue of the foreigner that became the center of the news for the whole week. I took some time to read all the different versions of the news, watch the original Youtube video and also read all the comments of the Taiwanese people on Facebook. 230 more words



With all the yummy food in Taiwan, its important to keep exercising! There are two activities that are popular among Taiwanese – hiking and biking. No matter what your age, hiking is something everyone does. 583 more words


Graduation Day

This morning was kindergarten graduation and Friday was the last day of P (grade school) classes. The last time I will see some of my students ever again, because unlike the other teachers I won’t be returning to Principal in the fall. 713 more words