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Dealing With Pre-schooler Meltdowns: Pressing The Reset Button

We had a major meltdown from Little Cat (3) in the woods today. We had been talking all morning about going for a walk. We had packed a picnic together. 902 more words


Tantrums and the Best Way to Throw Them

Several years ago, my then-boyfriend and I were discussing people who lose their tempers. Since he had been a work colleague before we got together, he knew that I was capable of losing my temper. 883 more words

So my kids aren't perfect.... now what?

Many years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my firstborn I was so excited.  From the moment I saw those lines on the stick I began making plans for what my child would be like.  1,393 more words

Mother of the Year Moments

The first time it happened with my son, Augustus, he was 11 months old - I guess I got lucky. My daughter, Arabella, was barely 3 months old when it happened with her. 798 more words

Day 0465

I don’t know if it’s impressive or disappointing or both that Halfman-related anger can still creep into my thoughts and my skin when I don’t expect it. 277 more words

Oh so tired.....

Last night was a rough one. We got Caleb to bed but at about 10 o’clock he started screaming. It was a full on night terror, where his eyes were open but it’s like he can’t see you. 487 more words


Speed Crook

Miss Rose is a speed crook. Speed ninja crook.

If she is doing something she knows is naughty, and believe me she knows, and you catch her she will move at lightning speed to attempt to complete whatever crime she is in the midst of before you can get to her. 287 more words