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About a year ago, I started looking into conferences that would be appropriate for my thesis research and I came across ESSSB. It sounded excellent and so I decided to head to the Baltic region for the very first time. 481 more words


Vanalinn Tallinn ~ Old Town Tallinn ♡

Listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Old Town of Tallinn is a must see during any trip to the Estonian capital. To me, there’s no place like it. 216 more words


Üheskoos ja eri suunda.

Kaksi, kambas ja üksipäini.

Postimets. Mustamäe, Parditiigi park.


Tegin lõpuks (jätkuvalt) uue kodulinnaga näost-näkku pisut sügavamalt tutvust. Üksipäini, Tallinnaga omaette. Avastasin, et ta on kole ja aasta on 1996. 10 more words


Olde Hansa: A Tallinn Tourist Trap

It’s hard to miss Tallinn’s Olde Hansa restaurant. It’s a huge white building, smack dab in the middle of the city’s historic centre. If you’re blind as a bat and happen to miss it, various people dressed in medieval costumes will chase you down and offer you a free drink (non-alcoholic) from the cart situated outside the restaurant, to entice you inside. 521 more words


Ma olen teel Soome ~ Helsinki, FINLAND ♡

Ma olen teel Soome was my Estonian phrase of the day and basically it just means, I’m on my way Finland. I’ve probably wanted to visit this country since I was about five years old, after finding out that Lapland was located somewhere at the top of it. 3,314 more words

Reflections on ESSSB15

Wow, am I knackered!! This past week has been inspiring, intense, and exhausting.

I had the opportunity to go attend the European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour… 792 more words


Night bike in Tallinn

I got a wee bit lost the other day, but it meant I walked around the Old City after dark, and it was beautiful. I will share more pictures later, but, as I love bicycles the most, I thought I would share this one.

Tere õhtust.