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Berlinin' It Up

It felt like we packed quite a bit into our first full day in Berlin! Working from our list of things we wanted to do, we grouped together things that were in roughly similar geographic areas. 1,086 more words


Walking Together

My latest binge watching experience on Netflix is AMC’s The Walking Dead. I must admit: I wasn’t so interested in checking out a television show that seemed like an episodic horror movie. 911 more words


Puttin' a Bow on Budapest

We certainly made the most of our final day in Budapest! Although the weather was grey for a bit, we managed to avoid any rain, which was a big win. 1,346 more words


Just Another Day in Budapest

Hungary! Budapest! Day two! Food! Stuff! And things! All this in today’s blog post. :)

Since we had some sleep to catch up on from yesterday’s travels (or was it Thursday’s? 655 more words


She does art, Day 7 | Synagogue door finished

Finished the second set of doors! Like the Hindu door, I will review this again once all the doors are done just to make sure all the illustrations in this set are consistent with the style.

She Does Art

Uhniv, Buchach and Hrymailiv in black and white

The black and white films and scans from my recent trip to Ukraine are back from the photo lab. The synagogue and the Beit Midrash (House of Study) in Uhniv, the Jewish cemetery in Buchach and the imposing synagogue in Hrymailiv are among the subjects. 26 more words

Eastern Galicia