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Last Day of Summer

So, tomorrow is my first day of high-school.


I am not really scared, but it is a little frightening and at the same time aweesome that tomorrow starts my first day of my four year countdown! 211 more words


Are you in need of inspiration today?  Click here to listen to “The World You Want” by Switchfoot.



When We Come Alive

I never really gave much thought to Switchfoot’s single, When We Come Alive, until recently. Initially, I thought it was a good track with haunting harmonies and an overall mellow groove. 78 more words


Switchfoot's #WhenWeComeAlive Playlist

San Diego band Switchfoot has started sharing a weekly #WhenWeComeAlive celebrity playlist.

Jon Foreman and the band include songs they’ve loved for years, some new favorites, plus songs that have shaped who they are as a band. 32 more words


Weekly @Switchfoot Song: Life And Love And Why

I haven’t posted a “Weekly” @Switchfoot Song in quite a while, so I realize the title of these posts now are fraudulent to a degree. Offer me the grace to keep the “weekly” part of the title if you will, as I am on a personal journey to unpack the theology/philosophy of Switchfoot’s songs (which are many and will take a while), and the “weekly” part of the title puts pressure on my weird mind to keep working on this. 946 more words


Beautiful Letdown

This is the only time when you’ll be able to give this sacrifice to God.

-Bill Johnson-

Mr. Johnson made a great point in that teaching I heard my first day in Worship U.  

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The Soundtrack to your Life

There’s someone for everyone, and I’m not talking about romantic relationships. I’m talking about the band/singer/music that has played almost like a soundtrack, in the smokescreen background, during the major events of your life. 291 more words