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Just call me the "baggies" lady!

The inside and outside gardens are taken care of. I clipped fresh oregano, parsley, basil. I usually will bring them in to the kitchen rinsed them well and then place them on paper towels to dry, wrap them up and place in my gazillion “baggies”, quart size zip-lock, gallon size zip-lock; boxes of them. 256 more words

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Yertle the Turtle

The short Life and death of a rubber turtle, Summer 2014, Italy.


Workout of the Day - Swimming

Warm-up: 400 Swim followed by 12 x 25 w/10 sec

Main Set: 1500 straight swim @75-80%
— should feel slightly slower than race pace
— concentrate on minimizing your strokes per length

Cooldown: 200 Swim

Workout Of The Day

What Happened on September 2nd - Diana Nyad Swims from Cuba to Florida

In the news again this week as she is honored for her spectacular accomplishment, 64-year-old Diana Nyad became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the use of a shark cage for protection on September 2, 2013.  440 more words


#Training Days: The week that wasn’t #swimming #running #biking #triathlon

After a blistering start to the week on Monday, the only consistent thing workout wise that happened was going to the gym at lunch. I couldn’t wait for Tuesday because of the gym workout and because it was swim day…I love swim days. 540 more words