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Sweat and Fat: Your whole Childhood was a Lie

I guess you all must be thinking that the title is too obvious to point out where I am going to take you all today. But oh well, I am sure you are not thinking exactly what you will know after reading this post. 692 more words

an update on my underarms

So, remember how I discovered that the medicines I take because of my heart defect also make me really really sweaty? And how I decided, since even the most “prescription strength” antiperspirants weren’t actually stopping me from sweating, and since I’m at least slightly uneasy with using chemicals to try and stop my body from doing something it needs to do to keep me cool and excrete stuff that doesn’t need to be inside me, I decided to try and quit antiperspirants and use more natural, healthy deodorants instead? 648 more words




I don’t know if you’re unfortunate as I am, but I literally have to do some form of cardio for every workout! (I workout typically 4-5x a week). 183 more words


Facebook statuses I didn't post...

When I went to the refrigerator for my morning short cup of prune juice, I found none. Bummer. Significant bummer. So after work, after my yoga class, dressed in workout clothes, high-heeled sandals (because an alternate pair of shoes had been unnecessary for yoga), and my sunglasses, I entered the grocery store. 1,140 more words

08-20-2014 Journal Entry–Dangerous Stupidity!

Today has suddenly become a day of rest.  It wasn’t planned this way but I’m nothing if not flexible when it comes to loafing.  My better-half is gone to work, the cat is snoring at the bottom of the bed, and I’m watching an old rerun of Unsolved Mysteries while I type.  I had a bit of a scare yesterday so I’m relaxing today and trying to recuperate.  And of course it was a case of sheer stupidity on my part. 599 more words

Just Saying


Many people worry about sweating when they go out in public. They become scared of shaking hands with people worrying that they will notice their damp hands or stand to close to people which then will notice their sweat odor. 939 more words


Your Body Composition

As a former musician, when I hear the word “composition” I think of the famous 4-note theme of Beethoven’s fifth symphony. As a personal trainer, I think of an important component of overall health: body composition. 503 more words