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From Frozen to Fresh

A year ago my husband would be getting home from work and I would be pulling the Stoffers lasagna out of the oven, fresh from the freezer. 551 more words


Nothing says living on the beach like driftwood furniture. Some good wood ends up on our beach, and we used some today to make some coat hooks. 31 more words


blueberry paint & paper lace garland

Apart from making delicious smoothies and blueberry pies, I have been making some true ecological paint using only berries and salt; -and boy did I feel happy when I came to clean out the brushes knowing that what went down the sink did not harm the nature in any way! 381 more words

Sustainable Living


1.) A Well-Balanced House On A Rock.

Source: Nationalgeographic

2.) Hobbit House.

Source: Simon Dale

3.) Dome Dream Home.

Source: steveareen.com

4.) … 69 more words


Iron Chef Eastern Shore

I didn’t know what Iron Chef was when Suzanne Etgen invited me to be part of an Iron Chef competition she was organizing. But, as our son, Matt always says: When cooks compete, everybody wins.” So I figured that regardless of how it turns out, I can’t lose! 912 more words

Sustainable Living

Mhairi and I have parted ways from Luang Prabang in Laos momentarily for 2 weeks, an opportunity came up just to good to refuse so I am off to South Eastern Thailand to undertake a Permaculture Course. 772 more words

Gathering nettles ... and blackberries

Sunday was one of the drier and sunnier days we have experienced in the past couple of weeks so I took the opportunity to go nettle gathering. 372 more words

Sustainable Living